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Write Now!


Write Now! (tijdschrift) (Engels): Information sur Catawiki concernant l’objet Write Now!, 2002.
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Numéro Catawiki: 153577
Catégorie: Bandes dessinées
Titre: Write Now!
Série / héro: Write Now! (tijdschrift) (Engels)
Collection: Losse nummers
Numéro dans la collection: 1
Numéro complémentaire:  
Dessinateur: Bagley, Mark
Scénariste: Bagley, Mark, Bendis, Brian Michael, DeMatteis, John Marc (J.M. DeMattheis), Fingeroth, Danny, Lee, Stan (Stanley Martin Lieber), Quesada, Joe, Whedon, Joss
Éditeur: TwoMorrows
Année: 2002
Couverture: Broché
Édition: Édition Originale
Coloration: Non coloré
Nombre de pages:  
Dimensions: ? x ? cm
Type: Information sur la bande dessinée / presse parallele, Magazine
Langue / dialecte: Anglais
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Write Now!, August 2002, Ever wonder what it takes to be a comics writer? After all, an artist can show an editor his work and the editor can evaluate it virtually on the spot. But what qualities are necessary to sell writing? What are editors looking for? What skills are needed, and what other media can these skills be used in?
Write Now! takes you behind the scenes, into both the creative and business processes that go into writing narrative fiction. Hear from pros ON BOTH SIDES OF THE DESK what it takes to write the stories that readers and editors want to read!, Top professional writers discuss the practical aspects of their craft. You'll get tips and insights from interviews with:
BRAIN MICHAEL BENDIS, the writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, Powers
and so many morem JOE QUESADA, editor in chief of Marvel Comics, and co-writer of Ash and writer of Iron Man. He's the guy setting the writing standards at the House of Ideas today, JOSS WHEDON, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the comic Fray, and the upcoming Firefly TV series, J.M. DeMATTEIS writer of Spider-Man, the Spectre, Man-Thing and Moonshadow, MARK BAGLEY, penciler of Ultimate Spider-Man, New Warriors and Amazing Spider-Man. Find out what one of the field's top artists likes and doesn't like in scripts he draws from, And an interview like you've never read before with STAN LEE!, Cover penciled and inked by MARK BAGLEY, featuring those two zany comics creators WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE and LEONARDO DaVINCI (or Bill and Lenny as they're known to their fans) as they collaborate on the first issue of MONA, WARRIOR PRINCESS!
"Write Now! is a trademark of TwoMorrows Inc., and published by TwoMorrows Publishing."
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Entrée par: alkyoto
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Titre de l'histoire: Nummer 1
Numéro de l'histoire:
Série / héro: Write Now! (tijdschrift) (Engels)
Dessinateur: Bagley, Mark
Scénariste: Bagley, Mark, Bendis, Brian Michael, DeMatteis, John Marc (J.M. DeMattheis), Fingeroth, Danny, Lee, Stan (Stanley Martin Lieber), Quesada, Joe, Whedon, Joss
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