Phénicien Faïence Sculpture de lion couché - 4×2.3×6.6 cm

Phénicien Faïence Sculpture de lion couché - 4×2.3×6.6 cm
siglos III- II a.C.

Lion sculpture; Phoenician culture, 3rd-2nd centuries B.C.

Includes a base.

Size: 4 x 2,3 x 6,6 cm

Round bundle sculpture made of faience, which adopts a zoomorphic shape, resembling the shape of a feline.

The Phoenicians were an important naval power in Antiquity, thanks to their solid boats made of resistant woods and large size. These same boats allowed them a trade of great importance both for them and for many cultures, providing them with techniques and materials from other areas outside theirs in these exchanges.

Purchased by the current owner in 2017 in London UK from an art gallery, previous, private collection owned before 80's .

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Informations du lot
Sculpture de lion couché
4×2.3×6.6 cm
Siècle/ Période
siglos III- II a.C.
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