Allemagne - 100 Mark 2019 Germania Mint Oak Leaf - 1 oz - Or

Allemagne - 100 Mark 2019 Germania Mint Oak Leaf - 1 oz - Or

Limited edition of 500 coins worldwide
With box & certificate

Oak Leaves 2019 BU 1 oz - 31.1 grams 999.9 gold

Limited edition: 500 coins worldwide
Front: shows an image of an oak leaf
Reverse: Features an image of Germania Mint
Material: gold

Front side:
The design of the coin is dedicated to the oak theme.
The Germanic peoples also treated this plant with great awe and believed that spirits and gods live in it. Their fruits - acorns - were crucial for fertility, which was one of the magic properties of the oak. On the front is a beautiful oak leaf with an acorn.

Reverse side:
On the reverse of the coin is the double-headed eagle, a symbol associated with Janus in Roman mythology - the god of all origins, protector of doors, gates, passages and bridges. The opposite heads symbolise the past and the future. Lightning held in the eagle's claws are a divine feature - they symbolise the strength and power of creation and destruction. Together with the oak leaf, we present a refreshed picture of Germania Mint.

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2019 Germania Mint Oak Leaf - 1 oz
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