Cananéen Bronze Idole - 9.5×3.4×1.5 cm - (1)

Cananéen Bronze Idole - 9.5×3.4×1.5 cm - (1)
1st millennium BC

CULTURE: Canaanite
PERIOD: 1st millennium BC
SIZE: Height 9.5 cm
PROVENANCE: Private collection B. L., Paris, France. Acquired in the art market prior to the 90s.
CONDITION: In a good state of preservation.


Archaeological investigations at the site of Tell es-Safi have found the remains of donkeys, as well as some sheep and goats in Early Bronze Age layers, dating to 4,900 years ago which were imported from Egypt in order to be sacrificed. One of the sacrificial animals, a complete donkey, was found beneath the foundations of a building, leading to speculation this was a 'foundation deposit' placed before the building of a residential house.

It is considered virtually impossible to reconstruct a clear picture of Canaanite religious practices. Although child sacrifice was known to surrounding peoples, there is no reference to it in ancient Phoenician or Classical texts. The biblical representation of Canaanite religion is always negative.

Canaanite religious practice had a high regard for the duty of children to care for their parents, with sons being held responsible for burying them, and arranging for the maintenance of their tombs.
Canaanite deities such as Baal were represented by figures which were placed in shrines often on hilltops, or 'high places' surrounded by groves of trees, such as is condemned in the Hebrew Bible, in Hosea (v 13a) which would probably hold the Asherah pole, and standing stones or pillars.

The piece includes authenticity certificate.
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Informations du lot
Nombre d’objets
9.5×3.4×1.5 cm
Siècle/ Période
1st millennium BC
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