Sceptre - Bois - Shango - Yoruba - Nigeria

Sceptre - Bois - Shango - Yoruba - Nigeria
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Shango dancing wand of a kneeling female figure touching her breasts.

The cult of Shango, three centuries old, worships Shango who was once a human King, but became an orisha, a God. The devotees who are carved are female, but the orisha is male, and is associated with thunder and lightening. A person may inherit the worship of Shango from parents, or be ‘called’ individually. The figure carries the double axe on his head. This joined stone tool symbolizes Shango's lightning and his dualities as creator and destroyer, and recalls the Shango symbol associated with thunder and lightening. This is a confirmation that this object was used as a dance wand carried by devotees of the Shango, the Yoruba thunder god. Shango is a complex deity who creates and destroys, who through his powers causes lightning and flash and thunder to crash. The dance wand was carried at the annual festival. The staff will be danced with a dramatic mime of lightning striking the ground portraying the potential of power of the thunder god Shango.

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37×6×6 cm
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