Glen Marnoch 1988 Small Batch Limited - b. 2018 - 70cl

Glen Marnoch 1988 Small Batch Limited - b. 2018 - 70cl
Whisky écossais - 40%

Glen Marnoch 1988


Quite a rich baked apple nose on first pour. Some cinnamon and sugar crusting. Some ginger and spice. A little dusty in the aromas, along with some floral perfume notes. A bit of time and the fruit gets a little more complex, with some added citrus and ripe orange. After 30 minutes in the glass the nose becomes a little spicier and more honey and vanilla led with the fruit taking a back step. This gives more of a balance between fruit and oak, and there’s some added oak spice, with a hint of pencil shavings. More time and more rich vanilla comes to the front, its a developmental nose, evolving with continued exposure to air.


Very fruity, lots of fresh apples and a touch of orange. Spicy as well, but not abrasive, some gentle ginger and cinnamon sugared custard. Sweet all the way through arrival and development, possibly too sweet for some, but suits my palate well. Makes things very moreish and quaffable. The only criticism would be the light mouthfeel which is evident from the minimal 40% ABV and obvious chill filtration. Saying that its still a suitably chewable dram with a nice fruit and spice balance. With lots of time the fruit becomes a little more tropical, some mango coming into play. Very tasty.


Medium length. Spicy oak initially fades back to some fresh fruit and dry ginger. Hints of vanilla custard at the very end.

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Whisky écossais
Glen Marnoch
Small Batch Limited
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