Pierre de lune de haute qualité sphère - 6.9×6.9×6.9 cm - 453 g

Pierre de lune de haute qualité sphère - 6.9×6.9×6.9 cm - 453 g

Aesthetic sphere from Madagascar of Moonstone with beautiful and intense moon like sheen known as adularescence.
Origin: Madagascar.
Size: diameter 6.9 cm.
Weight: 453 g.

Disclaimer about the healing properties stated above:
It is believed that certain gemstones and minerals have beneficial health and spiritual properties.
Catawiki and we cannot guarantee or be held liable for these suggested attributes which have no scientific evidence and cannot be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

- Happiness - Mothering
- Good fortune - Unselfishness
- Nurthuring - Humanitarian
- Love - Hope
- Spiritual insight - Easy childbirth
- Safe travel - New beginnings
- Abundance - Ancient wisdom

3rd anniversary gemstone.
Considered a stone for ‘new beginnings’, moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. Moonstone opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love. In effect, it is an excellent crystal for first or new love and is a comforting talisman if love must be kept a secret. It was also believed to be able to reunite loved ones who had parted in anger. As it is considered the stone of love and eroticism, it is the ultimate fertility crystal.
Moonstone has long been known for its calming, soothing qualities on the emotional body. Its energy is balancing and healing, assisting in the mastery of emotions by bringing them under the control of Higher Will, rather than expressing or repressing them. It also helps identify emotional patterns that are stored in the subconscious, and serves as a guardian to contain explosive passions, and to stimulate confidence and composure.
Moonstone is foremost a talisman of the inward journey, taking one deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, and it protects those who travel by night or upon the water when the moon is shining.

Informations du lot
Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Pierre de lune de haute qualité
Forme minérale / Type météorite
6.9×6.9×6.9 cm
453 g
Origine (pays)
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