Boudewijn Büch / Ernst Braches / E.W. Boissevain (drukker) - Erlkönig II [in: Erlkönig ontraadseld] - 1982

Boudewijn Büch / Ernst Braches / E.W. Boissevain (drukker) - Erlkönig II [in: Erlkönig ontraadseld] - 1982
Graphisme, Littérature, Livres illustrés, Poésie, Bibliophilie néerlandaise - Quantité : 1 - Édition limitée - Livre

Boudewijn Büch - Erlkönig II (poem), included in Ernst Braches - Erlkönig ontraadseld. First edition of this poem, dated 22 July 1982 and dedicated to Ernst Braches. A print run of one hundred copies.

Braches and Büch got to know each other at the end of the 1970s. Prof. dr. E. Braches is especially renowned as the most important expert in the field of Dutch new art and book illustrations. Source: Wikipedia. A (literary) friendship developed expressed by, amongst others, this special publication. The poem was printed on Japanese paper by Ernst Willem Boissevain in Overveen. The other side of the double-page has a printing of the poem Erlkönig (thus Büch's title Erlkönig II) by Goethe. The essay by Braches was earlier published in NRC-Handelsblad on 24 October 1980.

Added: three (proofs?) printings on blue intaglio paper of the poem by Goethe. Despite the print run, this publication is rarely or never offered. There is no other copy known/described with the extra (proof) printings.

This is only meant as extra (bibliographic) information and isn’t part of the lot.

For more bibliographical information, please see the last photo. It concerns the explanation by Ernst Braches about this publication in: Boudewijn Büch - Verzamelde gedichten (Atlas, 1995), bronnen bij de gedichten, page 294.

For more information about artisanal printer E.W. Boissevain, see: Ernst Braches - Pers no. 14, Leiden ... en het allereerste begin (Uitgeverij de Buitenkant).

Informations du lot
Nombre de livres
Bibliophilie néerlandaise, Graphisme, Littérature, Livres illustrés, Poésie
Auteur/ Illustrateur
Boudewijn Büch / Ernst Braches / E.W. Boissevain (drukker)
Titre du livre
Erlkönig II [in: Erlkönig ontraadseld]
Très bon état
Année de publication de l’ouvrage le plus ancien
1ère édition
Langue originale
Plim's Pers Overveen
Couverture souple
Édition limitée
Nombre de pages
28×10 cm
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