Luristan Bronze c. 1200 - 800 avant JC. Fer de lance ou poignard. Très belle patine. 46 cm de large.

Luristan Bronze c. 1200 - 800 avant JC. Fer de lance ou poignard. Très belle patine. 46 cm de large.
c. 1200 - 800 BC.

Spearhead or Dagger

- Very nice patina -

Luristan, western Iran

c. 1200 - 800 BC.


46 cm Large.

PROVENANCE: Private collection, A.R., London, acquired in 1984.

CONDITION: In a good state of preservation, intact.


A Luristan bronze spearhead with an ovate blade. The weapon features a rectangular-sectioned midrib, gently curved shoulders, and flaring tang. This type is known as a ‘rat-tanged’ spearhead, on account of its long and thin tang (tail).

Early Iron-Age weapon mounted on a custom black matte stand. A long tapered insertion tang with alluring areas of green, russet, and sapphire-blue patina that envelop the surface of this exceptional example of Luristan bronze-crafting.

Luristan (or Lorestan) is a province of western Iran in the Zagros Mountains. This area was populated by migrant tribes in the 3rd and 4th millennium BC. An ancient people known as the Kassites, who had no Semitic or Indo-European language, originated in Luristan. In the 2nd millennium BC, the region was invaded and settled by the Iranian Medes, and then by the Persians a millennium later.

The rich history and culture of this region has resulted in fascinating artifacts, especially known for their high quality bronze, that would make a fine addition to any collection of ancient art, weapons, and general items.

MAHBOUBIAN, Haushang. Art of Ancient Iran, copper and bronze. 1997.

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Informations du lot
c. 1200 - 800 avant JC. Fer de lance ou poignard. Très belle patine. 46 cm de large.
Siècle/ Période
c. 1200 - 800 BC.
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