Cananéen Terre cuite Masque sarcophage H: 35 cm. Avec test TL. 1400 à 1300 avant JC - (1)

Cananéen Terre cuite Masque sarcophage H: 35 cm. Avec test TL. 1400 à 1300 avant JC - (1)
1400 to 1300 BC

Sarcophagus mask
1400 to 1300 BC
Height 35 cm

PROVENANCE: Private collection of B. A. Paris, France. 1980's.

CONDITION: No restoration.


The discovery of anthropoid pottery coffins with Egyptian-looking appearances in excavations throughout Israel has generated a great deal of scholarly attention. The coffins, cylindrical and of considerable size, were produced using the coiling technique. Their upper parts are fitted with a lid exhibiting a human face and arms in a variety of styles. The lid was cut from the coffin before it had completely dried, allowing it to fit the coffin perfectly. Through the opening that was created, the body of the deceased, along with funerary gifts, was inserted. Some of the lids and coffins still bear traces of paint: the face was painted white, the lips or cheeks red, and the eyes black or yellow. Each of the differently designed lids exhibits at least a few of the following features: a wig, a lotus flower on the forehead, eyes, eyebrows, a nose, a mouth, a chin, an “Osiris” beard, cheeks, ears, arms, and hands. These details were achieved by the application of additional clay to the smooth lid or by marking. A protrusion at the lower part of the coffin usually represents feet; it is reasonable to assume that this also made it possible to stand the coffin upright during production. In rare cases, realistic feet are depicted.
To date, 130 complete and fragmentary anthropoid coffins have been found within the borders of Canaan: For example, in archeological excavations at Deir el-Balah (south of Gaza), only four tombs containing such coffins were unearthed. Besides these, 33 coffins and an additional 11 lids are to be found in the Israel Museum Collection (most originally in the Dayan Collection and presumably from Deir el-Balah). A coffin in the collection of the Hecht Museum, Haifa, and lids in the Bible Land Museum, Jerusalem, all probably came from the Deir el-Balah excavation.

- Pharaoh in Canaan: The Untold Story. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem. 2016. pág. 96 - 100.

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Informations du lot
Terre cuite
Nombre d’objets
Masque sarcophage H: 35 cm. Avec test TL. 1400 à 1300 avant JC
Siècle/ Période
1400 to 1300 BC
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